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LyX export to markdown

Command line (Lyx > Markdown)

lyx --export latex file.lyx
pandoc --no-wrap -f latex -t markdown file.tex >

Command line (Markdown > Lyx)

pandoc --no-wrap -f markdown -t latex > file.tex && tex2lyx
file.tex && lyx file.lyx

(--no-wrap makes sure we don't screw up e.g. \hrefs ...

Build and run eyeD3 from source on Debian|Ubuntu with virtualenv

sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv virtualenvwrapper mercurial

cd /usr/local/src/
hg clone

# Change in to align with debian|ubuntu
# (
sed -i.bak 's/\/usr\/bin\/\/etc\/bash_completion.d\/virtualenvwrapper/g ...

Network bonding (wlan & eth) on linux ubuntu

When we moved into our new apartment, we renewed all wires which included proper cat7 in all rooms. So lets take advantage of it... :)

My primary machine is a laptop that I carry around in the house a lot. This breaks open network connections, due to the IP change when ...

github issues with ghi and multiple users

I have recently started to use ghi - a command line github issues client. Out of the box it only supports a single github account. Personally I like to separate my private from work related coding though. Thus adding two aliases to ~/.bashrc allows me to quickly switch from one account ...

Free and paid for Raspberry Pi hosting/colocation

  • Austria: (send in - hosting for free)

  • Netherlands****: (send in or buy a Pi - IPv6 hosting for free, IPv4 ~2,5€)

  • Sweden: (send in - hosting for free, only Swedish ...